Water Sports

Things to Do in Harwich, MA

Cape Cod Water Sports

Do you enjoy water activities when you are on vacation? You are in luck! Harwich Port has a ton of adrenaline-pumping water activities for you to enjoy.

If you are an expert on the water, you'll be able to ride on the waves with your own water sports equipment to your heart's content. Those who are new to water sports can find lessons and rentals to make their experience memorable.

Jet Skiing

Perhaps the most iconic water sport activity, jet skiing is the perfect way for you to enjoy your vacation. Not only is it a blast to ride the waves, but it can help you see around the cape. Make sure to stay out of other vacationers' way, and follow the rules of the watery road.

A jet ski rental can be pricey, costing around $250 per hour. If you want to add another passenger another $50 may be added on. If you aren't sure how to drive a jet ski, you may want to take some classes before you arrive in Massachusetts. This is one sport you won't want to miss out on.

Paddle Boarding

Want something that is fun for kids and adults? Paddle boarding is one of the great beach water sports. Rather than skipping across the water at high speeds, you are just gliding around, deciding where you want to wade to. It's perfect for rides on a stream or small lake.

Paddle board rentals are decidedly cheaper than jet ski ones. You can rent one large paddle board (that fits three people) for about $50 an hour. If you want a smaller size, you can ride for one and a half hours at $27.

Kayaking Cape Cod

Another great option to see more of the ocean and different parts of Cape Cod, kayaking is one of the more cooperative watersports out there. You and a sailing partner can work together to explore the natural sights of Massachusetts. Alternatively, you can always rent a single-rider kayak.

Cape Kayaking is approximately $22 per hour-and-a-half as a single rider, and $38 per hour-and-a-half. However, the prices may change depending on the company you rent from. For couples, it can make for an incredibly romantic evening, and is certainly a worthy bucket list item.


What could be more impressive than taking out a classic sailboat onto the ocean waters? Sail Cape Cod in style! It's a truly deluxe-level experience.

Meet ocean captains who have trained on the water throughout their lives. If you want to learn a brand-new skill, consider taking a sail boating lesson so you can one day be the captain of your own vessel!

The cost for a 2-hour lesson is $190 for one person, or $300 for a couple. Board the ship, wear clothes you don't mind getting wet in, and get ready to sail!


Parasailing should be another attraction you write on your to-do list. The experience may seem like it would be scary, but really it's more beautiful than stomach-churning. All you have to do is strap yourself in, wait for the boat to veer off, sit, and wait. Before you know it, you'll see the ocean horizon and have the perfect view of the cape.

If you plan on parasailing, make sure you plan a time and call in. The parasailing prices depend on the size of your group. You'll have to place down a deposit on top of your payment for parking, pictures, and attendance. Don't miss your scheduled time, or else you won't get that deposit back.