Freshwater Lakes

Cape Cod Ponds

Freshwater Lakes of Cape Cod

Most visitors to our part of Cape Cod focus on our excellent beaches along Nantucket Sound. While these popular beaches are beautiful, don't make the mistake of overlooking our many freshwater lakes and ponds.

They offer pristine beaches and crystal clear waters. Typically, these locations are not crowded and offer a great chance to swim, kayak, canoe, paddleboard, our just relax on the beach and enjoy the views.

Goose Pond

Location: Chatham, MA
Distance: 6.5 miles

Goose Pond has an excellent swimming area for kids. Known as Fisherman's Landing, this northwest part of the pond is just a short walk from the pond's parking area and has very shallow water.

The shoreline is wooded, and the bottom of the pond is sandy. In general, Goose Pond is secluded, so you shouldn't have trouble with crowds or parking. Goose Pond is also a good place for trout fishing. It is stocked in the spring and fall with rainbow trout, brook trout, and brown trout. 

Scargo Lake

Location: Dennis, MA
Distance: 8.9 miles

Scargo Lake (aka, Scargo Pond) is one of the prettiest lakes on Cape Cod. The primary swimming area is Princess Beach, a small roped-off beach with lifeguards on duty.

The water is shallow, with a sandy bottom. This swimming area is perfect for kids. A less popular beach on Scargo Lake is Scargo Beach, which really doesn't have much sand available.

Scargo Lake is also an excellent place to fish for brook trout, rainbow trout, and brown trout.

Great Pond

Location: Eastham, MA
Distance: 16.3 miles

Great Pond is an excellent freshwater pond of swimming and kayaking. However, the beach is small, and parking is very limited.

Flax Pond

Location: Yarmouth, MA
Distance: 5.5 miles

Flax Pond and the Flax Pond Recreation Area are perfect for a family outing.

Besides the pond and beach, you have access to ballfields, a basketball court, a volleyball court, a picnic area, and plenty of trails for hiking. Dogs are welcome. Parking and bathroom facilities are available.

Crystal Lake

Location: Orleans, MA
Distance: 11.1 miles

Crystal Lake is the second largest pond in Orleans, MA, covering a total of 36 acres, with a maximum depth of 44 feet. It's an excellent place to enjoy freshwater swimming and non-motorized boating.

Trout fishing is also popular at Crystal Lake. The lake also feeds a nearby cranberry bog. The lake's beach is somewhat small, and parking off Monument Road is limited.

Sheep Pond

Location: Brewster, MA
Distance: 8.9 miles

Sheep Pond is a natural kettlehole, with very clear water and a sandy bottom. It has 2.6 miles of beautifully wooded shoreline. The beach and swimming area are somewhat small. The pond also features a boat launch with an adjacent fishing pier.

Motorized boats are allowed, although there is a 10-horsepower limit. Sheep Pond is considered to be one of the best trout-fishing ponds in Massachusetts. It is stocked in the spring and in the fall with brown trout, brook trout, and rainbow trout.

Long Pond

Location: Brewster, MA, and Harwich, MA
Distance: 5.2 miles

Long Pond is a great freshwater pond for swimming, kayaking, boating, and sailing. The water is quite clear and the bottom is generally sandy. You can access Long Pond from Brewster, off Crowell's Bog Road, or from Harwich, off Long Pond Drive.

Long Pond is the largest freshwater pond on Cape Cod, with over six miles of shoreline. You can also have some success fishing for smallmouth bass, although, the pond is very popular with swimmers and boaters in the summer months. The smaller pond--Black Pond, Smalls Pond, and Greenland Pond--are connected to Long Pond by small channels.